Sacred Circle is a journey to awaken your divinity

Spark a personal awakening along a transformational journey

Enliven your humanity

Life is full. You’re asked to show up in life in ways that pull you away from your natural being or the work you’re called to do. And you don’t even know it. Yet, you feel it.

  • You feel numb or stuck in how you live or show up at work or home.
  • You feel tired and overwhelmed by taking care of everyone and everything.
  • You feel disconnected and long for a sisterhood you can count on.
  • You feel it's time to take a new direction in life, but something always gets in the way.

And when you get quiet, you know you need to reconnect. You need to reconnect with yourself and others traveling a similar path seeking similar connections.

  • You need clarity and direction.
  • You need a new approach and resources to grow and reach your aspirations.
  • You need to embody the nature of your essence and your divine gifts.
  • You need soulful conversations and wholehearted support to pursue your life work.

Embrace your individuality

When you have the courage and curiosity to find and accept yourself, you embrace your individuality. You embody your essence. 

This happens with ease and grace when you’re held in a heart-centered, protected space for you to plant yourself in and consciously connect with yourself and each member of the circle. This connection allows you to process what you need while feeling fully supported and held with compassion.

The Sacred Circle provides you this container for your soul to evolve as you become more and more aligned with your essence.
  • You’ll connect with a source of wisdom to rely on for support and direction.
  • You’ll identify and let go of blocks that were in the way of you moving forward.
  • You’ll be seen, heard, and celebrated as you vulnerably discover ways to move forward in life.

And when this happens, you experience a personal transformation. You’ll feel a unique shift tailored to your goals and aspirations. You will feel the power of this circle provides you with insights and results that nurture and progress your intentions forward - even further than you can imagine. 

Engage in a Sacred Circle

The 8-week remote journey immerses you in the power and support of the Sacred Circle. The circle holds deep conversations with people like you who connect with their sacred sovereignty and operate in their authority. It’s a form of self-care where you remedy and rebuild through soulful connections.

The expansive ground we cover includes

  • Centering yourself and getting organized in your own being
  • Finding and unpacking your postures of power in home and work life
  • Discerning your intent and acting from neutrality
  • Accessing and trusting information from your intelligence centers
  • And more!
Engage in a seasonal or private Sacred Circle.

Seasonal Sacred Circles

Transition with a seasonal Sacred Circle. Sacred Circles occur each season to assist you through transitions - leaving one form and metamorphosing into a new form. Join curious and courageous people like you on a journey towards personal transformation and soulful evolution through the power of the divine feminine.

Private Sacred Circles

Bring the Sacred Circle into your circles.

Bring a Sacred Circle into your work setting and allow women to see each other fully. By following a path of self-discovery, you’ll learn to work from your innate strategy and see what you’re driving and expecting of yourself with what you’re instinctually meant to do. And when this happens, you awaken your essence and show up fully at work. 

Or perhaps you crave more meaningful connections within your friend circles. Bring a Sacred Circle into your friend circles and learn of other ways to support those you care about. And along the experience, you’ll celebrate and elevate these friends and yourself.

Erica Smigielski is a pure generator.

She responds to life by generating energy for others to find meaning in life. She guides you on a journey to awaken and align with your truth. Discussions with Erica are soulful and inspire you to connect with your divinity.