Frequently Asked Questions

What is Depth Hypnosis?

Depth Hypnosis is a counseling model developed by Isa Gucciardi, Ph.D., that uniquely synthesizes Shamanism, Buddhism, Energy Medicine, Hypnotherapy and Transpersonal Psychology. This model is non-dogmatic, and anyone, regardless of spiritual background, can profoundly benefit from the techniques used in Depth Hypnosis. A client does not need experience, knowledge, or belief in any of these areas to benefit from Depth Hypnosis. In a Depth Hypnosis session, we discuss issues you’d like to work on and their effect on your life. We use this information to go into an altered, meditative state and get under the surface to the possible cause of the problem. You can think of this as a deep state where you are fully conscious and aware, but the busy working mind is taking a well-deserved break for you to work on the subconscious level.

Working on the subconscious level allows us to see where patterns emerged from and how to unravel them and identify and heal past trauma. Depth Hypnosis avoids talking at length about the trauma and cuts to the chase to allow the healing to occur much quicker. The committed client can expect to see a shift within 3-5 sessions. Because Depth Hypnosis is a process that continually opens doors to the deeper processes of the self, many people continue the work as an anchor for spiritual inquiry.
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What is Suggestion Hypnosis?

Suggestion hypnosis is traditionally how one thinks of hypnosis. This approach gives you suggestions during hypnotherapy that teaches your mind to learn another way of responding to situations. The process entails a co-created guided meditation that is scripted specifically for you to reach a state of deep healing relaxation, supporting you in making the changes you're seeking, by moving your conscious mind out of the way so new thoughts, ideas, and suggestions can reach and take hold in your subconscious mind. Suggestion hypnosis facilitates the inner work of releasing blockages and breaking old patterns, and supports your ability to integrate new actions, habits or patterns that support you aligning with your goals and intentions. This type of hypnotherapy can help with negative habits like smoking, difficulty sleeping or falling asleep and managing phobias and even chronic pain.

What is a Regression?

Through Depth Hypnosis, regressions bring you back to the situations, perhaps long forgotten in this lifetime, past lives or even in your mother’s womb, where the conditions contributing to the present-day symptoms are contacted. From here, you change your relationship to those conditions so that present day symptoms shift. The overall effect of this process is not re-traumatizing but harmonizing. Further sessions include integrating understandings which emerge out of the regression work.

How does Buddhist and transpersonal psychology integrate with Depth Hypnosis?

Both Buddhist and transcendental psychology are rooted in Depth Hypnosis and the SparkPath Healing practice. One of the guiding Buddhist principles most prevalent in this work is the desire to relieve human suffering. You are healable when you examine your attachments, aversions, and misconceptions and how they relate to the problems at hand. Erica invites you to experience Depth Hypnosis and find your true nature.

Transcendental psychology looks at the comprehensive self from identity at an individual or personal level to spiritual aspects of humankind, life, psyche, and cosmos. Transcendental psychology has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with the mind, heart, and soul.

What are the benefits of these spiritual healings?

Each person's journey is unique; therefore, the relief experienced through this work is individualized. Be that as it may, here are benefits people often experience along their spiritual journey.

  •  Bring balance into your life when suffering from depression, addiction, phobias, anger, or anxiety.
  • Neutralize constant negativity experienced through an inner critic, chronic disease, or critical parent.
  • Unearth a new perspective on suffering, pain, and distress caused by trauma to heal and move forward.
  • Move past resistance and step into your power and better understand yourself and your spirit.

What can I expect in a session?

Your pathway to reconciliation and wholeness is unique, so your spiritual healing sessions have an organic structure blending Depth Hypnosis, Applied Shamanism, Energy Medicine, Coming to Peace Conflict Resolution, and Intuition. 

If you’re new to this work, you may choose to start the process with a complimentary 15-minute phone consultation to tell me about your journey and ask questions as you explore these healing modalities. 

In the sessions, you and Erica work as a team. She assists you in learning to be your own healer. The flow often looks as follows:

  • Learn about you and topics to work on in a session
  • Connect with your higher self through a meditation
  • Work through one or several sessions to unravel deep patterns to help you live an enlightened life

How do I become my own healer through this process?

Depth Hypnosis encourages radical self-responsibility and engages you in the process of self-empowerment through self-knowledge. As you navigate your psyche through hypnosis, insight inquiry, regression, dream work, meditation, or the shamanic journey - Erica helps you interpret your subconscious material. As a result, you gain a deeper understanding of the obstacles creating disharmony in your life and learn how to unravel and heal them.

Is there any science behind Depth Hypnosis?

Here is the first study showing the efficacy of Depth Hypnosis for Mood Disorders. In 2014, Dr. Joanna Adler, a long-time Depth Hypnosis Practitioner, set up the Depth Hypnosis Research Project to measure the efficacy of Depth Hypnosis in addressing symptoms of depression, anxiety, symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, and in increasing well-being. Data confirmed that Depth Hypnosis is associated with highly significant decreases in depressive, anxious, and PTSD-related symptoms, and associated with increased quality of life.


What is Space Clearing?

A member of the Space Clearing Society, I have worked on helping to clear the San Francisco ASPCA and several private homes. Space Clearing is a powerful way to set space and remove energies that are no longer serving the area. For more information, please reach out.