Take The Next Step In Your Journey 

Depth Hypnosis

Depth Hypnosis is a fast and functional healing modality that helps you rapidly work through issues to access profound learnings and experience lasting results. You're at the helm and lead the way to discover changes you're seeking by following your current life issues to their root source - through dreams, inner child work, and regression - and shed light and heal at the core to avoid recurrences of the presenting problem.

Applied Shamanism

Shamanism is ancient Earth-based indigenous wisdom that’s individualized across cultures and belongs to those cultures. Applied Shamanism respectfully utilizes certain shamanic practices found in most cultures in a practical and adapted way relevant to today.  

Energy Medicine

When working with integrated energy modalities, the medicine helps you understand, purify, and hold your native energy state to develop a greater sense of flow, self-confidence, clarity, and grounding as a means of personal empowerment.  When you operate from your native energy system, you connect and relate with others more consciously and effectively.

Conflict Resolution

The essence of resolution lies in recognizing the deep and unbroken connectedness that we share as human beings. Erica works with you, couples, and groups to provide a pathway to reconciliation and wholeness within yourself and in family, community, and organizational setting

Intuitive Coaching

Erica relies on intuition to support you along your journey.  Intuition is subtly integrated into all your healing sessions and most prevalent through intuitive readings, which function more like a coaching session.  With intuitive coaching, you and Erica look forward as she taps into your energy and offers insights for you to create your destination. 

“Erica is very attune to her clients and the nuances of their needs.  She facilitates the process with grace, finesse, and enthusiasm.  Using a variety of integrated practices, Erica is able to tailor the results for deep healing for her clients." - M.B., Psychotherapist