Healing Intent

These foundational pillars reflect Erica's intent and what you can expect in a healing session. Erica believes that each of us is our own healer and that healing and intuitive insight comes from surrendering to the power within. Therefore, Erica assists you in your journey to find your path to your truth, knowing, or healing by being supportive, present, and compassionate while recognizing and redirecting you to your power and wisdom.


When embarking on your healing journey, you can rely on Erica for a purposeful connection with a practitioner that holds your best interest and guides you along your trek. And in reciprocity, Erica expects you to step into your sovereignty when stepping into this work. Together, you and Erica establish a meaningful relationship held with compassion which becomes a catalyst for honest and insightful conversations.

Remedy and Rebuild

By doing the work and traveling along your healing trek - you remedy and rebuild yourself. Your intention to grow and evolve is an energetic pattern for you to continually rely on for support as you awaken and restore your life energy. You do not need to traverse this alone. You have resources, like Erica, ready to shepherd you towards self-reliance as you find your spark and find your path.


Self-care allows you to nurture the inner connections made along your healing journey. When you connect with your body through movement, breathwork, and exercise, you experience even greater alignment in your life. You may even find self-care that occurs outside in nature further roots your insights. And when your self-care is to live authentically and unapologetically, you also give permission for others to do the same.


This foundational pillar supports the other pillars by providing the tone and vibe of working with Erica. It's also the deep-rooted wisdom to follow your divine path by living purposefully and listening to your soul. This fundamental understanding allows you to create a life with meaning and live consciously in alignment with yourself and for yourself by trusting yourself.