Find Support Along Your Self-Discovery and Healing Journey

Your self-discovery and healing journey never ends. And like the seasons, what your soul needs changes and evolves. 

So I offer a little something for everyone where each offering meets you where you’re at in your journey. So if you’re starting your journey or far along on your travels, these offerings and services meet you exactly where you are.

Each offer generates energy for you to find meaning in life. They guide you on a spiritual journey to awaken and align with your truth. They’re soulful, have depth, and inspire you to connect with your divinity.

And when you commit to your healing journey, you experience personal transformation and boundless results. My offerings encourage self-responsibility and engage you in the process of self-empowerment through self-knowledge. When this happens, you gain a deeper understanding of the obstacles creating disharmony in your life and learn how to unravel and heal them.

While I maintain my healing practice in Northern California, I have a global practice where I can also work with you remotely. My work is to hold space for you to connect with your consciousness so you can receive and process the healing medicine you need. And my work comes through meditations, soundbites, Sacred Circles, private work, and communities for kindred spirits.

Guided Meditation

A guided meditation is a personalized meditation for you to connect with a compassionate, helping spirit, teacher, or guide. Through this sacred connection, you have support to help navigate friction in your life.

Soulful Soundbites

The Soulful Soundbites podcast nourishes your soul in practical and relatable ways through bite-size insights for your soul. I answer questions, contemplate ideas, and share experiences that bridge the physical and spiritual worlds.


The blogs offer reflections, personal shares, and introspections to support your travels along your healing journey. The blogs are crafted with meaningful messages and carry intentional energy.

The Sacred Circles

The Sacred Circle is a heart-centered community for women who need a spark in life to find their path. Through soulful discussions, you create meaningful connections that move you toward a personal awakening.

Soulful Soundbites Community

The community is a refuge where you find relief from the stresses of your life and experience the high vibe of the group. In addition, you support kindred spirits by sharing personal stories related to an inquiry.