Enliven Yourself with Energy Medicine

When working with integrated energy modalities, energy medicine helps you understand, purify, and hold your native energy state to develop a greater sense of flow, self-confidence, clarity, and grounding as a means of personal empowerment.  When you operate from your native energy system, you connect and relate with others more consciously and effectively.

Erica, you are AMAZING.

“Erica, you are AMAZING. You provide sheer comfort and holding when I needed it most and your gentle loving presence resonates deeply with me. So grateful for you and your support. THANK YOU for YOU.”


Energy Medicine works with the subtle energetic patterns that underlie physical, mental, and emotional health in practical ways to correct an imbalance.  When one of these states disconnects from the others, the whole system is in a state of imbalance. When this occurs, it can result in emotional and mental disruption, such as depression, eating disorders, and addiction. It can also manifest in the physical body as illnesses such as autoimmune disorders and chronic fatigue, to name a few. Energetic imbalance can also manifest subtly in mood fluctuations, headaches, and other less severe issues.

Integrated Energy Medicine techniques used by Erica include reliance on crystals, sound, light, and flower essence to address deep-seated imbalances by easing the pathway on a vibrational level.  You may not even be aware that this energy is at work.