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Depth Hypnosis encourages radical self-responsibility and engages clients in a process of self-empowerment through self-knowledge. Clients navigate their psyches through hypnosis, insight inquiry, regression, dream work, meditation, or the shamanic journey.  A Depth Hypnosis practitioner helps the client interpret their subconscious material. By doing so, the client and practitioner gain a deeper understanding of the obstacles that are creating disharmony in the client’s life.

Shamanic healings are multifaceted and multidimensional practices to heal the self.  When a person feels fragmented or not themselves, it may result from power loss, soul loss, or other entanglements that occurred over their life.  When this happens, one tends to experience depression, anxiety, addictions, a streak of ‘bad luck,’ or even prone to illnesses.  Through shamanic practices, one can heal these parts of themselves and become empowered and whole again.

Energy medicine is subtle healing and is an integral part of Depth Hypnosis. Similar to how acupuncture is used to direct and redirect life energy and vibrational fields to achieve greater health - Depth Hypnosis relies on light rays and sound waves as medicines for the body and spirit.  In Depth Hypnosis, energy medicine is used to bring balance, wholeness, and harmony to effect the quality of our subtle bodies - such as thoughts and emotions - as well as our physical processes.

Erica is a certified facilitator of the Coming to Peace conflict resolution method. This calm, productive process is a way to identify and resolve interpersonal friction, whether in a personal or professional setting. This highly effective mediation method is used to resolve conflict in family, community, and organizational settings. The Coming to Peace process offers a structure where participants can voice and resolve grievances honestly and productively, helping individuals and organizations connect people, build trust, and increase communication, transparency, and efficiency. 

You may find intuitive coaching helpful when you seek additional texture and clarity to help you remain focused and inspired with your intentions or help shift and access the change you seek. You may also consider an intuitive coaching session when you yearn for insights to move forward; yet, you're not in the mindset to look in the rearview mirror and engage in healing sessions to balance imbalances within your psyche.