Find Peace in Conflict Resolution

The essence of conflict resolution lies in recognizing the deep and unbroken connectedness that we share as human beings. Erica works with you, couples, and groups to provide a pathway to reconciliation and wholeness within yourself and in family, community, and organizational settings.

Coming to Peace is an integrative conflict resolution method that offers a productive way to identify interpersonal friction. It provides practical ways to identify and resolve the interpersonal conflict that can create internal dichotomies, derail relationships, and slow organizational progress. The process offers a structure where participants voice and resolve grievances honestly and productively, helping individuals and organizations connect people, build trust, and increase communication, transparency, and efficiency. 

This hybrid method blends Buddhism with core mediation practices from various earth-based wisdom. As Isa Gucciardi, author of Coming to Peace, comments, “Peace can only come when we recognize our connection to others and see the value of their experience as equal to our own”.