Join the Sacred Circle

The Sacred Circle is a 6-week experiential journey to reconnect with your essence and re-remember your divine gifts.

In this heart-centered circle, you'll rediscover your native energy so you can

  1. Live in greater alignment with your true nature.
  2. Consciously travel along your path.
  3. Compassionately relate with others.


Are you a curious and courageous woman who suffers from friction between life and spirituality?

Do you seek meaning, purpose, and enlightenment?

Become part of a trustworthy community for your personal awakening.

Do you feel disconnected, numb, or stuck in how you live or show up at work or home?

Feelings of disconnect can manifest themselves in a multitude of ways, such as 

  • seeking a new approach and resources to grow and reach your aspirations
  • feeling lost in life and don't know who you are or what you're about
  • craving meaningful connections with people on a similar journey
  • a desire for support, clarity, and direction
  • wanting to identify and let go of blocks so you can move forward
  • longing to remember and embody the nature of your essence and your divine gifts

These feelings can come on quickly and linger like a long winter season. 

Maybe this isn't you. And instead, you have

  • An idea of what you want to evolve into - even if it's a flicker of light.
  • Something you're ready to bring forward but unsure where to start.
  • A new direction you want to take in life, but something always gets in the way.
  • The need to end this chapter of your life to start the next.

You need supportsafety, and inspiration wherever you fall on the spectrum.
You can discover meaning and purpose and achieve the clarity needed to move your life forward with intent and authenticity.

You're ready to operate in your authority. You're open to self-discovery. You're ready to start your journey toward a personal awakening. 

When you join the Sacred Circle, you'll

  • Have deep conversations with people like you who are curious, courageous, and ready to take the leap and find themselves.
  • Be seen, heard, held, supported, and celebrated. You can be vulnerable while discovering how to move your life forward.

The Sacred Circle is a 6-week experiential journey to reconnect with your essence and re-remember your divine gifts.

It's a premium, high-value opportunity thoughtfully planned for you to have your own personalized experience while benefiting and learning from the circle.

The Sacred Circle is for women or those that identify as women who will partake in an enlightening 6-week remote journey starting January 31, 2023. We meet every Tuesday from 10-11:30 am PST for six consecutive weeks.

In these weekly sessions, you immerse yourself in the power and support of the Sacred Circle through self-exploration and discovery. 

You need reinforcement from a trustworthy community. This Sacred Circle is here for your personal awakening.

The Sacred Circle maps out the journey you'll traverse! 

Here's what's included!

A welcome package of materials and goodies valued at $150

Six 90-minute weekly self-discovery and self-reflection virtual sessions to help you progress along your spiritual journey.

Three guest experts with spotlight coaching that's unavailable to the public.

Access a PRIVATE group where you can share your stories with fellow travelers.

A sisterhood with access to expert guidance from various healers, including myself!

Tools, prompts, challenges, and other resources, are designed to help you gain insight and wisdom.

You'll also have lifelong access to

All materials, including transcripts and video recordings of our weekly sessions!

The relationships and connections made with other women in the Sacred Circle!

A quilt of resources, including indigenous elements and other ancient resources!

You need a trusted community.

You need the Sacred Circle for your personal awakening.

It's time to invest in yourself and your personal awakening.   

  • The investment into Sacred Circle is $600 for the 6-week journey.  

The results you experience from the Sacred Circle are unique and tailored to your personal goals and aspirations.

You can count on the power of this circle to provide you with results that nurture and progress your intentions forward and even further than you can imagine. You can expect to be at peace and at ease with life and how you show up.

Meet Erica

Erica Smigielski is an ultimate unifier and connector. She grounds and leads Sacred Circles for those looking for a trusted community to nurture their personal awakening. The Sacred Circle provides a safe place for meaningful conversations and exploration through meaningful connections. The Sacred Circle helps spark an awakening within your consciousness to align with your authentic self.

In her circles and client practices, Erica relies on Depth Hypnosis, Energy Medicine, Applied Shamanism processes, and Coming to Peace Conflict Resolution to guide you to relax your mind and connect with your inner knowing. As you connect with this wisdom to access insights and clarity, you become your own healer traveling along your own path. 

What others say about Erica!

“Erica’s personable and helps you stay with the future aspirations while exploring the past. She has a way of listening for the clues that will not only lead you back to the breakdown that needs to be cleared but also listens and reads you for the cues that will turn into the building blocks that pave the path back to where you really want to go.”

“Erica is intelligent, wise, and intuitive. She uses healing methods that are hundreds of years old and puts them to use in a forward-thinking manner that cultivates women to be empowered leaders and influencers. Erica has a humble and welcoming way of helping you access your inherent wisdom and operate from a place of empowerment. She has compassion when inquiring and asking insightful questions. But it's more than that. It's more than therapy. It's deeper healing that happens. Blocks are lifted, and it's an inner release.”

“Erica is balanced. She’s centered, grounded, and holds peaceful authority. She’s also thoughtful, warm-hearted, gentle, and supportive. She patiently guided me along my healing journey. She created a safe place to step fully into my own grace - whether to surface something I needed to address or allow an exciting new thought or idea to emerge and flow through me.”

Space is limited so claim your spot!

The Sacred Circle is the stepping stone you need to start your journey toward awakening and feeling whole again!

Join the Sacred Circle

Make time and space for self-care and save your spot today for ONLY


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Start your journey of personal awakening by following these 3 easy steps.

  1. Pay $600 and reserve your spot in the Sacred Circle.
  2. Join the private Sacred Circle in the SparkPath community.
  3. Complete the checklist in the Welcome email that has everything you need to get started.

And if you have a friend join the circle, you'll receive a small gift!

Then you can relax, knowing I've got everything else covered. I have a fertile garden ready for you to plant yourself in so you can nurture your growth and magnetize meaningful relationships with people traveling on a similar awakening path.

You can expect to spend 2-3 hours each week for the six-week circle, which includes attending weekly sessions, reflecting in the workbook or online prompts, and connecting through partnerships, small groups, and a large group. The Sacred Circle relies on high engagement and participation levels that require you to be in your authority and willing to “do the work.”

Frequently Asked Questions

The time isn’t right. When will you offer your next Sacred Circle?

When will the time be right? I often hear people use time as a reason to avoid giving themselves what they need most. Now is the time for your personal awakening and to feel whole and alive! The time in the Sacred Circle is the time you gift yourself. It’s your Sacred Circle to a self-healing journey that reconnects you with the medicines you bring to the world. The circle helps you re-remember your essence. The wisdom and tools you gain in the circle are life-long resources to help you navigate life consciously. The time is right. The time is right now!

It costs too much. Do you offer discounts or payment plans for Sacred Circle?

I’m thoughtfully and intentionally planning this circle and bringing in incredible experts to provide you with a captivating and irresistible experience valued far more than the $600 price. 

If you were to have six sessions with me, it would run you around $1200. And the individual sessions do not include life-long access to the Sacred Circle materials that help you integrate your insights further. You’d also miss out on the Sacred Circle sisterhood available indefinitely for you to return for support and wisdom. 

How do I know if the Sacred Circle is for me?

While you’re the only one to know if this Sacred Circle is for you, here are a few indicators that may help you decide.

  • You're entangled with the external things in life - like chasing your career, job promotions, income, friend circles, materialistic purchases, and more - operating behind the masks you wear. 
  • You're on a self-healing and self-discovery pursuit to find your purpose, understand your pathway, and how you contribute to the greater collective.

You're somewhere in between where you feel stuck, lost, and entirely overwhelmed by external factors, and you know there’s more to life or have a direction you’re headed and are seeking new ways to solve old problems.

You want support, safety, and inspiration to access meaning and clarity. You want to move forward in life with intention and authenticity. 

What does personal transformation look like?

Your transformation is unique to you and influenced by your experiences, unhealed wounds, beliefs, and so much more. That said, transformation may look like any of these or something different.

  • You want to move away from feeling disconnected, lost, and stuck and move towards holding your native energy and living in alignment with your power experiencing a balanced life.
  • You want to move away from suffering from imposter syndrome and cycling in self-doubt and move towards navigating life with self-confidence, clarity, and grounding, so you’re consciously traveling along your path.
  • You want to move away from feeling loneliness and isolation and move towards connecting and relating with others more compassionately.
 What type of results can I expect from being a part of the Sacred Circle that nurtures my personal awakening?

The results you experience from the Sacred Circle are tailored to your personal goals and aspirations. Yet, you can count on the power of this circle to provide you with results that nurture and progress your intentions forward and even further than you can imagine.

  • You’ll discover and try new approaches to grow and reach your aspirations
  • You’ll build meaningful connections that have roots to evolve into lifelong relationships
  • You’ll connect with a source of wisdom for divine support and direction
  • You’ll identify and let go of blocks that were in the way of you moving forward
  • You’ll re-remember the nature of your essence and your divine feminine gifts
I want to share Sacred Circle with a friend. What do I tell them?

Share with your friend these 3 reasons she should join. 

  • Connect. Make meaningful connections with high-vibe beings traveling a shared path of personal awakening.

  • Agency. Operate from your native energy to access clarity and meaning.

  • Balance. Bring balance into your life by accessing new resources and ways to solve old problems.

Then she simply needs to…

Money is tight right now. Do you offer scholarships?

I do not offer scholarships because you pay attention to what you pay for. And you’re paying for a premium, experiential 4-week life-changing journey. And when you pay attention, you’re more likely to experience the desired change. You’re more willing to…

  • Build a new practice

  • Try a new approach

  • Engage in the journey

  • Participate in the community

  • Explore what was shared after we “hang up the call” each week.

I will help you drive the change and reach your desired results so that you experience the transformation and renewed kinship you want in your life.

I’m loyal to my beliefs. What philosophies is the Sacred Circle built upon?

Sacred Circle is not a religion. Instead, it’s a soulful experience rooted in earth-based wisdom and Buddhist principles. I built the Sacred Circle on these four tenants.

  1. Sacred Circle is to connect. In this circle, you’ll create meaningful connections that lead to meaningful conversations. I catalyze honest conversations with compassion and draw in resources to get you centered so you can access your energy.
  2. Sacred Circle is self-care. In this cohort, you align and connect with yourself through self-care. I help you become a self-healing role model for yourself and others.
  3. Sacred Circle is a remedy and rebuild. I shepherd women to awaken and restore their life energy by provoking self-awareness.
  4. Sacred Circle is soulful. I clear the path for you to use your soul to unite with others. I help you establish internal and external connections so you can follow your divine path and create a life with meaning. 
What’s the impetus or intention behind the creation of Sacred Circles? 

The Sacred Circle was conceived over time as I experienced and witnessed what happens when you bring together curious and courageous women who desire to solve their old personal patterns and problems in new ways. The desire to seek more profound clarity, meaning, and purpose undeniably establishes soulful connections. And when that divine feminine energy is rooted in the intent to develop and reinforce ways to empower and enlighten ourselves - we find the inner relationships amongst each other, reconnect with the mystery of the universe, and see a renewed sense of kinship. 

And when I bridged this personal awakening with my 20+ years of professional experience as a passionate organizer of people and initiatives within project leadership - it was like, *BOOM*, a fireworks display! As a master orchestrator of strategic planning and a skillful communicator who can expertly navigate complex group dynamics, the Sacred Circle is like a sparkler that brings people together to spark incredible personal outcomes. The circles help spark an awakening within your consciousness to align with your authentic self.
 Is the Sacred Circle therapy, psychotherapy, or talk therapy?

The Sacred Circle is not 

  • Therapy, psychotherapy, or talk therapy. 

  • Explaining or showboating your problems.

  • For unregulated people in how they show up. 

If you’re seeking this type of support or feel this describes you, then consider 1:1 sessions with me. If interested, schedule a free consult so I can learn about your journey and answer any questions you may have about my private Depth Hypnosis and Applied Shamanic Counseling practice. 

What if the Sacred Circle doesn’t work for me?

In the Sacred Circle, you are your own healer, and healing comes from surrendering to the power within. I lead you through the circle as you travel to the path to your truth, knowing, or healing. I do this by grounding the circle and being supportive, present, and compassionate while recognizing and redirecting you to your power and wisdom. I stand by my work 100%. Yet, if you find the Sacred Circle dissatisfying for some reason, I will fully refund your money. My priority is to guide you along this portion of your journey as you surrender to the power within.