Connect with Kindred Spirits

Find Refuge in the SparkPath Community

The SparkPath community is a protected fertile ground to plant yourself in, evolve, and elevate into a higher vibration of yourself.

The free community is for anyone seeking to explore and discover more ways to bridge your inner and outer worlds

What you can expect in the SparkPath community:

  • You can rest at ease knowing there are no bad actors, data harvesting, advertising, or data curating on this platform. 
  • You can make connections through questions, polls, and posts that bring people into conversation in a space that's all our own.
  • You can join and participate in live virtual sessions and events - including "Come Tell the Bees" sessions where with me and other members with open ears and hearts and without an agenda.
  • You can quickly find ways to fuel your soul as activities and posts are organized to find what you're looking for easily.

You'll feel at home by being in the company of people like you traveling along their self-discovery and healing path. 

The community is a refuge where you find relief from the stresses of your life and experience the high vibe of the group. In turn, you reciprocate by supporting kindred spirits in the group. That may look like responding to a group member's vulnerable question by sharing your personal, heartfelt story that directly relates to their inquiry.

The SparkPath community sparks insights for your soul through meaningful conversations with kindred spirits.